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7,5 av 10 baserat på 6 omdömen Reevoo.com
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7,5 / 10
8,8 / 10
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8,0 / 10
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7,7 / 10
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7,8 / 10
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7,8 / 10

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7 av 10


Dåligt utbud på mat och dessutom dyrt om man inte hade all inclusive.

Bekräftad gäst: 2018-08-06

7 av 10


Utformningen med ett stort hotellområde utspritt i låga byggnader. Väldigt fint, snyggt och trevligt utformat.
Maten!!!!! De små snackbarerna som serverade enklare mat var under all kritik. Saggiga nachos, sega nuggets eller fiskpinnar, mjuka pommes osv. Bufférestaurangen var ok men saknade ofta traditionella grekiska rätter. Det känns som att man har anpassat sig väldigt efter sina gäster från England, Ryssland osv. Dessutom dåliga på att fylla på när saker tog slut.

Bekräftad gäst: 2018-07-09

8 av 10


Alla pooler, den privata lugna stranden. Läget på vårt rum precis nära pol och hav.
Mer aktiviteter för lite äldre barn, var mest inriktat mot åldrar upp till ca sex år.

Bekräftad gäst: 2018-07-01

9 av 10



Bekräftad gäst: 2018-07-16

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  • 4/5 Läge
  • 4/5 Rum
  • 4/5 Service
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  • 4/5 Renlighet

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Inlägg av ninag565 Kristianstad, Sverige

Mycket trevligt resort

Stort men trevligt resort. Bra service. Kuperat med mycket trappor gjorde att det blev små områden som inte blev överbefolkade. Den tysta poolen var ett skönt inslag. Vi åt middag poolside och det var perfekt för vår del som inte trivs så bra med buffé, service och maten där var utomordentligt.


Inlägg av evikhutkova Banska Bystrica, Slovakien

Very good

I'd recommend this hotel.Very good food,cozy atmosphere and very friendly staff.I am grateful that i could have an experience to spend my summer holiday with my family at this place. I am satisfied and thankful.


Inlägg av rebeccaluczywo

Lovely resort!

Paradise! Everything you need in one place. Clean modern rooms. Safe, beautiful beach, great food and excellent service. Weather in September is perfect, not too hot and no winds. Will definitely be returning!


Inlägg av MisJoules Huddersfield, Storbritannien

Very dissapointing - would not recommend & will not be visiting again. Not 5* standard

Stayed 4 nights late October with 2 boys age 6 & 13. Weather approx. 23 degrees with cool sea breeze which was fine. I would not recommend this hotel or this location. It is most certainly NOT a 5* standard. It has nice bedrooms, a great promotional photo of the hotel from above, but nothing else of interest. Having frequently stayed in 4* hotels within this group (only 2 nights ago in London) I know this hotel in Crete does not meet the 5* standard. Should the owners wish to discuss this review in any detail I am happy to do so. I spent several years working in Spanish, Turkish, Goa holiday resorts for a British Tour Operator so am aware of what the standard should be. Can I suggest the senior management team (not Crete management) visit this hotel as mystery shoppers as they will soon realise what the problems are.


Inlägg av APatel0485 Greater London, Storbritannien

Will not be returning, despite having elite tier membership

Firstly, on arrival, we made our way to reception. There were no staff to guide us where to go, so had to find our own way. At check-in, we were greeted by an employee who seemed to be new and still training. This meant check-in took a little longer than for others around us, and also was not a smooth process. I would suggest that any new employees should have someone with them to supervise. I fully appreciate everyone needs to learn, but this should not be at the detriment to customer experience. During the check-in process, I also provided my Gold Membership details. However, there seemed to be little or no interest in noting these details to the account, and I will return to this point later. Finally, we were given our room key, but no guidance on how to get to the room. When I asked where to go, I was directed to wait outside the front entrance where a member of staff will then take us to the room. At the front entrance, there was absolutely no one. My wife was nearly 6 months pregnant, it was hot, and there were no seating facilities in the area. We waited over 10 minutes for someone to then arrive on a buggy, who we then asked to show us to the room. Had we not approached the member of staff ourselves, we would never have been taken to our room. Upon arrival of our room, we were given a brief tour and then left to get comfortable. We quickly realised the room had not been fully made, as there were no hand towels and some amenities missing. We called the front desk to ask if these could be delivered, and then waited. After an hour, no one came, so we called again. We advised we would go to lunch so to leave the towels in the room during our absence. After lunch and returning to the room, the towels and amenities still did not arrive, so we called front desk again asking for the items. We then went for a massage before dinner. In the end, I collected the towels and amenities from the front desk myself after dinner at 10pm, despite checking un at 3pm. There was no apology or explanation for this total lack of service. The next day, my wife and I went out for the morning and afternoon. Upon returning to the room, the room had been made up nicely, except that we were given dirty towels. In addition to the dirty towels, my wife went to use the outdoor jacuzzi, but found it to be dirty. We hoped this would be cleaned the next day, so did not use the facility. In the end, the jacuzzi had never been cleaned for our entire stay. We also found that the toilet tissue had not been replenished. The next morning, we phoned the front desk for more toilet roll. Again, after an hour of waiting in the room, no one came. Fortunately, my wife had carried flushable wet wipes for us to use. On Friday, once again, following returning to the room after it had been cleaned and re-made, there were no towels for us to use. The jacuzzi had also still not been cleaned. On Friday evening, my wife and I had dinner at the Italian restaurant. The service here was simply appalling. Within seconds of being seated, a waitress approached us asking for our order. We then asked for a few minutes, after which time, no one returned for 20 minutes. Our starters came quickly, and after the starters, our mains quickly arrived. No complaints about this. However, I would like to complain about the portion sizes. My wife ordered the risotto, which was lovely and no issue. I ordered the ravioli. We paid just under €20 for the ravioli and was given 4 small pieces only. This is ridiculously overpriced. Following my wife finishing and her plate being taken, we then had to wait 45 minutes for our dessert. After dessert, we waited 20 minutes for our bill, despite asking 3 different members of staff during that time. Furthermore to all of this, there was a stray cat wondering around the whole time. This is dirty and extremely unhygienic. Not one member of staff even tried to keep the cat away. It is actually dangerous for a pregnant person to be around such stray animals due to risk of infection. A number of other guests complained at the same time, and collectively, during conversation with each other, felt this hotel should not get more than a 3 star rating. On Saturday, when arriving back to our room at the end of the afternoon, some clothes that we had sent to laundry had been delivered. I was surprised to see that they were delivered in the same bag we had sent them in. Why were clean clothes returned in a bag that would have been made dirty from the dirty clothes that were originally placed into it? The clothes were also still damp, and so obviously had not been dried properly. That evening, we had dinner at the Greek restaurant. The food here was lovely, no issue. However, it was extremely frustrating that the table next to us were smoking cigarettes. Again, as mentioned above, my wife is nearly 6 months pregnant, and being next to smokers is not safe. You should have designated areas for smokers and non-smokers. After dinner, I went to the front desk to clear my room charges, with the aim of making check-out quick and simple. When I asked for the bill, it was clear that my member rewards details had not been entered, despite me providing the details at check-in. However, this was quickly resolved. After settling the bill, I was advised that in the morning, I would be able to simply drop off my key and all would be done. On Sunday morning, when trying to check out, I got to reception for 10:20am, as we had a taxi coming to collect us at 10:30am. There was long queues and we had to wait nearly 20 minutes to be served. In that time, the taxi driver had arrived and started getting annoyed that he had to wait. He began shouting across the lobby from the front entrance. This was extremely embarrassing for us and the staff could not seem to care. Once reaching the front desk, I am told there is a €6 tip from the bill from the previous night’s dinner still outstanding. This was unacceptable. After been made to wait so long and made to feel embarrassed in front of everyone, I do not think anyone was deserving of any tips. I also did everything right to ensure check out should be as smooth as possible by clearing the bill the night before. I should not have been treated this way at check out, which has left a permanent negative memory of the hotel. Some additional points to all of the above: - The hotel appears to be severely understaffed -There are a couple of members of staff who were excellent, such as Simeon in the Verander bar, and Sophia in guest relations. However, everyone else was either average in their service, to simply disinterested. - Despite having a room that was recently renovated, it already is damaged and in need of refurbishment. - All swimming pools are cold. Despite hundreds of guests, there was almost no-one in any of the pools during our entire stay. A 5 star hotel should have at least one heated pool - Buffet food as mosaic was terrible. Freshly brought out food was still cold. Lots of items were not labelled and there were no staff to ensure foods were not getting contaminated, for example between meat and vegetarian. - There is no room service or anywhere to obtain food between 9:30pm and breakfast. There should have some sort of food service. - location is far away from everything. Nothing around the hotel at all - beach is not sand beach. It is very small stones