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av Zami67 Malmö, Sverige

Bästa hotellet hittills i mitt vuxna 50 åriga liv .

Bästa hotellet hittills i mitt vuxna 50 åriga liv . Har varit på många 5 -stjärniga hotell dock aldrig på ett så fint hotell som HTH-Tenerife . Allt från personalen, maten , servicen , renligheten allting var perfekt eller mer än perfekt .


av petronella5


Verkligen modernt hotell, fina välstädade rum, trevlig personal i reception! Frukosten var enorm o fanns allt man kan önska! Många olika pooler , upplevde att det fanns gott om plats o stolar för dom som önska! Receptionen var väldigt speciell med hög Hard Rock musik , ganska stökigt men en häftig känsla :) Upplevde inget störande uppe på rummen! Runt omkring hotellet fanns där inget speciellt , ganska off. Fanns någon restaurang och en supermarket & något hak. Hotellet har allt så vill du bara koppla av så finns där allt på området!


av thomaswE134BD


The Hotel is Beautifuel, the workers are friendly,amazin panorama and the music was everytime perfect and the sounds too, big respect for the workers, and for Yapsi Mata who playin alltime the best musics. Im sure im goin back. Was really very nice,thanks for everything.


av bishoptontravellee Paisley, Storbritannien

Underwhelming but not the worst hotel, just overrated.

Just arrived back from a 14 night stay at the Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife. We travelled as a family of 5 (4 adults 1 kid) in two ‘platinum rooms’ on an all inclusive basis. We travelled for a family event on the understanding we’d get a 5 star experience. I’ll start by saying that the bell staff were very helpful and we found them to be easy to communicate with and get things done throughout the 2 weeks we were there. The security staff at the front door are alright if you’re wearing your mask, they aren’t going to win any ‘world’s friendliest security guard’ awards but given the nonsense they take from drunken English holiday makers (that we saw anyway) I can understand why they might appear standoffish. Check in staff were very helpful on our arrival and helped get my folks to the buffet dinner before it closed. Our rooms were on higher floors of the main building. Understandably due to the pandemic there are rules in place which mean lifts arent really meant to be shared (although the English just pile in), there are 4 lifts, 2 of which were regularly broken. This in turn meant waiting sometimes 10/15minutes going up or down. You have to essentially leave the room early to get somewhere on time. Top tip, go for a room on the top floors for the view and the fact the lifts have greater chance of being empty (but you’ll still stop several times on the way down). On to the rooms then, nah, not 5 star sorry. Rooms look tired, beds were comfortable. There are so many lights to switch off at night its a pain. The toilet door wasn’t completely flush shutting which meant light will see through if someone gets up through the night too. Lots of sockets at the right height for little kids fingers etc too which is quite dangerous. As I said before the view is lovely but the balconies are not child proof so don’t let them out, ideal height to climb onto etc. Id say the rooms were more representative of a 3 star hotel than 5. They are however very clean and the cleaning staff were very very friendly, regular and worked hard, but you can’t clean a tired room and make it look new. More generally onto the hotel itself, obviously there is an issue with the lifts etc. This is not a ‘relaxing’ hotel (which wasnt a massive surprise given the name, but it can’t prepare you for how loud and disorientating it is), basically as soon as you are in a communal area you hear loud rock music 24/7, on a loop, be prepared to heard ‘Bad Medicine’ by Bon Jovi around 6 times a day. If I have to hear Phil Collins one more time I think I would have to throw myself off one of those easy to scale balconies as mentioned earlier just to be In the Air tonight. The pools in terms of size and accessibility are excellent, clean, warm, plenty of loungers etc and fresh towels available. The kids pool is very warm, but most of the water features are broken, again not what you’d expect for a 5 star hotel. We didnt use the beach club or adults only pools much as they were full of posers and quite rowdy with the drinks flowing and quite a bit of vulgar language etc for kids. There were quite a few folks not on all inclusive who would just bring a carryout to the pools from the supermarket across the road, I didnt look at drinks prices in the hotel but I assume that can’t look favourably at it. This did lead to some people being quite overly drunk and spilling beer/lager in the kids pool. The hotels grounds are well maintained and it has plenty of ramps, that said it would be nice if they would put directional arrows for wheelchairs in as many of the signs take you directly to stairs, every restaurant is accessible, every pool etc too, but its just not always clear where. Perhaps a wee bit of understanding training for staff as to this would be good as directions given aren’t always suitable for those less mobile, but as I said on the whole staff were nice and there is a way to access everywhere, you just need to work it out in the absence of signage. Due to regulations you are not supposed to wait at bars for service, take a seat and try and get a staff member to take your order and wait for it. Certainly at the start of our holiday there were no where near enough staff meaning you could wait an hour for a drink, this slightly improved as it went on. I did not really appreciate staff approaching you directly to ask for tips, they use iphones as a point of sale, despite having had my wrist band scanned when a drink was delivered on several occasions out of the blue staff would approach and put a zero sale type transaction through and ask for a tip. I am generally quite a good tipper but when asked directly i’ll never do it, again not what I would expect at a five star hotel. Evening entertainment was limited to a small stage in the reception area with drinks service. Its actually quite a nice space but the standard of the acts is quite variable. There was one guy who played acoustic guitar who was excellent. There were a few who tried hard but didnt quite hit the mark. Ive been a guitarist for 20 years and understand that phoning in a performance at a holiday hotel might be an easy gig but you could at least make sure your guitar was in tune whilst you do it. There was daytime aqua aerobics and a kids club which i’d heard was excellent but we didn’t take part. Some of the staff came by the pool to encourage kids to come along and although they were very nice we wanted some quality family time so didnt make use of the clubs. They make a big deal about having a fender guitar available for your room, I went to the concierge desk to ask about this and the person looked down his nose and said ‘its a €1000 euro deposit incase you steal it’. Was a bit taken aback by this given i’ve got far more valuable guitars at home but just the sheer cheek to say it that way was again not befitting of a five star hotel. For info the Fender guitars available are no where near €1000 in value. As previously mentioned we stayed all inclusive so I’ll cover the restaurants. The ‘hosts’ of each restaurant wear red dresses and direct you to seats. The breakfasts are offered in the Sessions buffet breakfast, I’ll start by saying the girl who hosts at sessions was absolutely lovely, a warm friendly smile and pleasant person who engaged very well. The breakfast buffet has had mixed reviews, it has the potential to be very good, but the food really lets it down. There is a reasonable sized spread, but its the exact same every single day. Omelettes are made to order as are fried eggs and this is nice. Melon and fresh fruit available. There are cold meats etc which again are nice. The bread was frequently stale and the donuts were so hard they could be used as a floatation device. The big thing is the pancakes crepes and waffles. That said they are frequently cold. The girl who makes the pancakes directs you to the ones under the heat lamp, I took one and it was freezing, I asked for warm pancakes and she rolled her eyes and threw some cold pancakes on a hot plate for a second each. I appreciate that they may be under pressure to get food out but this is just basics. The bacon is horrible, I cannot even begin to explain how awful it is, the same rasher can be both burnt and undercooked at the same time. Having stayed in 5 star hotels all over the world I’ve never encountered such a poorly executed breakfast buffet. It actually belies the friendly staff who greet you and wait the tables (who are all very nice). Lunch can be taken at the beach club which was pleasant enough but the food wasn’t the best or by the poolside, burgers/nachos/hot dogs or pizzas. The poolside bar was really disappointing, nachos with barely melted cheese or burgers which were cold in the middle. What would have been nice to offer is some fantastic Spanish produce like Jamon or Manchego or Bocadillos etc. Dinner at the sessions buffet, again the staff greeting or serving drinks were lovely. You can have pasta cooked to order, mine was ok, bit cold, nice sauce, but the rest of the offerings were bland. My wife had a cooked to order piece of turkey which was served to her still raw in the middle, to the extent a decent Vet could revive it, this put us off the buffet for the rest of our stay, once again its more the ‘show cooking’ chefs in Sessions who let the side down as front of house staff are very nice. There is a Japanese restaurant called Narumi, we ate their twice, food quite pleasant, staff were accommodating and it was a nice meal. The wait staff were very nice in this restaurant. The steak house Mantauk, wasn’t very good, none of our steaks were cooked as requested and we found out that the bread is charged at €2 per person at the table even if you dont ask for it. I find this plus the charging for tap water to be quite underhand. The italian restaurant Capolavaro was nice enough, its the same pasta sauces as served everywhere else in the hotel so its not elevated in any way, pizzas were nice enough. The Tiramisu was probably the best dessert out of all the standalone restaurant dishes and wee glimpse of what they should be doing all over. Our last night we dined in the third half sports bar, burgers were underwhelming and under cooked yet burnt on top, cheese flavourless and I felt quite unwell after eating here. We had an apple pie dessert which was clearly microwaved as the custard base split and the pastry was incredibly soggy, which kind of summed up our dining experiences. Would love to have had a Spanish restaurant. Overall its clearly not a 5 star quality hotel, its at best 4 star. I would not recommend going ‘all inclusive’ as its a massive let down. If you get a good deal and want a noisy hotel with a decent view or you feel really sad and want an easy to jump from balcony give it a bash. If youre a really big fan of Phil Collins or Bon Jovi and want to stop being a fan because you hear the song a million times a day then I would recommend the hard rock. Also if you want to learn the words to ‘Land Down Under’ by Men at Work you can here. My head is full of Zombie after the last two weeks. The decor and artefacts aren’t quite up to the standard of other Hard Rock’s ive visited, they’ve got a letter from Madonna about buying a house, Shakira’s vest and a guitar from that annoying guy in the 1975 where he’s written someone else’s lyric on it. Disappointing overall with a few redeeming features.


av cooktea Yarm, Storbritannien

Aqua fun

Day 1 and a lovely girl asked me to join her for aqua aerobics. I knew keeping track of my weight was going to be a problem at the hotel so didn’t hesitate. The half hour flew by as Jenn had us do a variety of exercises. She was very professional, suggesting different levels of activity depending on fitness levels, the exercises differed every day and finished with stretching. Jenn also ran fitness classes at 5pm which varied each day and included aqua Zumba! I would definitely recommend future visitors having a go.