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10 av 10


Fräscht och hög standard, bra wifi och mycket bra frukost. Poolen var supernice och Punda Beach (närmsta stranden var riktigt bra)
Det blev väldigt mycket muntlig information vid incheckning och det hade underlättat med en karta över hotellet med lite stödinformation runt öppettider eller annan service.

Bekräftad gäst: 2019-09-14

10 av 10


Aktiviteter för tonåringar typ biljard, bordtennis, schack

Bekräftad gäst: 2019-06-22

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Inlägg av 236antoniosp Dubai, United Arab Emirates


It was a fantastic stay !! Hotel was wonderfull staff where super friendly ! Really clean and tun up service down twice a day !!! Highly recommend!!! Breakfast was great also their dinner buffet was really good as well!! I think best hotel in Paros !


Inlägg av shovalh761

Best hotel in Paros, by far

The hotel is brand new, and every little detail is new and fine- from the excellent speaker in the bedroom, from the room service or bath equipment, even to the common areas like the pool or lobby- it is all new, shiny and impressive. The team is always so welcoming and polite, and they always smile and will do everything to help. The room was huge, and the bed was sooo comfy! We also loved our little balcony. The pools are big and beautiful, but the water are a bit too cold. The hotel has plenty of parking spots, and it is close to beautiful beaches! Naoussa is about 20 minutes drive away


Inlägg av nicocob6 Genève, Schweiz

Paradisiac stay

Perfect stay in the beautiful (and brand new) hotel of Summer Senses. From the arrival (the hostesses at the reception are very professional and kind) to the departure, everything was really nice. We loved the breakfast, with a lot of choices and an outstanding view. We really appreciated all the small attention of the staff during our stay (it was our honeymoon). We will definitely come back!!


Inlägg av 127olim Oslo, Norge

Amazing views , perfect location, Friendly and helpful stuff.

We booked the deluxe room with a sea view .. It was incredible and the balcony views.Our balcony was the perfect size for two people- we had two seats and a nice little table where we could sit and enjoy a glass of wine. The room itself was spacious and clean. The air conditioning kept the room cool which was so important to us since the temperatures were high when we were there. Hotel Staff: The hotel staff were very helpful upon our arrival in giving us the best recommendations in Paros and showing us around the hotel . Dinning :The breakfast was wonderful as well- there were a variety of local food , cheeses, pastries. They also had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, and cereals. Their restaurants at the hotel are also fabulous . Overall. An wonderful experience and we definitely be back :)


Inlägg av 577HEM Ottawa, Kanada


Please read this before booking with this establishment. I am not a complainer, I do not ever demand discounts or my money back however I do believe people employed in the service industry should do the right thing and if they don't - I simply don't come back and ensure that I share my experiences to caution others. This is a self-proclaimed "5 star luxury resort" that has a luxury veneer but lacks any substance beneath its surface. For instance, there is a sign that says "Concierge" however there does not appear to be anyone who can answer any questions about attractions or restaurants or help you book a tour. Room service is something they advertise but after you order it - it may not ever arrive as was the case for us. The main pool is enticing in its beauty but repelling in temperature. The pool closes at 7 pm which we did not know.. When we were asked to leave we were told that it is unsafe because they don't staff a lifeguard after 7pm. The next day we came to learn that they do not staff a lifeguard before 7pm either. Upon your initial arrival the staff perform an overly scripted and choreographed "welcome" as they serve you a part-per-million of their exaggerated "complimentary secret ingredient" beverage presented in a fluted wine glass for effect. In keeping with the opulent facade - you are then taken to your room by golf cart even though one of our rooms was ~30 feet away. Although there are two shuttle vans they do not appear to be operational based on our inquiries about transport to the Ferry Port or Viliages outside of the resort. If you'd like to leave to do something other than sit by their pool listening to American music covers, eating fried chicken burgers during their restrictive restaurant hours. - it can take over an hour to find a taxi to come to the resort. This resort is an optical illusion that was seemingly designed to make you forget you're in Greece. It seems modeled after every over-indulgent American/Caribbean resort in its appearance, music, and cuisine. Accordingly - we amusingly referred to it as "Westworld". It is located in the middle of no-where. There are no activities, and it has no beach. The advertised "beach within walking distance" seems to belong more to the hotel at the bottom of the hill and any desirable sound of waves crashing on the shoreline are overpowered by the deafening American pop-music. In fact, the Westworld personnel recommended that we NOT go there due to the loud music. I paid extra for a "sea view" room however I believe the view of the power lines, the ???car covered up in a green tarpaulin, the generator, and the empty barren field (see photos) with foul odors akin to animal carcass blowing in depending on the direction of the wind - were all included in the price. Given the views and odors I had no burning desire to sit on the balcony which is fortunate because the deafening music from the hotel below completed the assault on my senses. Upon entering my room - there was a noticeable musty odor which I came to realize was coming from the shower and has been complained about by other travelers in their posts. The odor became stronger as the day wore on - so much so that I, for the first time in all my travels, officially complained. I sited three issues; the musty odor, the view, and the loud music. The following is how it was dealt with. 1. Regarding the music: It was explained to me that they cannot do anything about the music from the other hotel. In my opinion this is false. As they are aware of the problem (see other posts) and even recommended upon our arrival that we not go to the beach because of the loud music - they could caution guests about this prior to booking and perhaps rather than charging MORE for the room, charge less. 2. The extra charge for the upgraded view: This was left entirely unaddressed. No explanation. No apology. 3. The Odor: They dutifully investigated the odor, cleaned the shower, and it did indeed smell better for one hour. In follow up it was explained that this is a common odor with "this type of marble" and it was essentially my fault for closing the shower door (there is no exhaust fan in the bathroom at all). In response I explained that: a) the odor was present from the moment I was introduced to the room and therefore pre-dated the closure of the shower door b) I closed the shower door becauseI I could not stand the odor c) I also closed the shower door because I did not want my clothes to smell. d) I have friends staying in other suites on the property with the same marble and no odor. The conversation concluded with a very scripted statement about my satisfaction being of utmost importance to them - but that I really need to leave the shower door open. I was told that they would discuss it further and follow up with me again in the morning. In the morning I received a phone call and again received a very scripted statement about the importance of my happiness...and the importance of leaving the shower door open. Later that morning in the lobby, I received yet another scripted statement about how important my satisfaction is but this time I was asked if I like my room now. I replied honestly and said that the room is malodorous and I can't enjoy the balcony but that otherwise I'm having a great time. I was once again thoroughly reminded to leave my shower door open. All this to say - I had a fantastic vacation with my friends and we all found humor in the dichotomy of the veneer of Westworld versus it's reality. I was only at this resort for 3 days, and I spent very little time in my room. The view, the odors, and the music had next to no impact on my overall vacation or life. But for those who would be endlessly bothered by what we experienced - beware that once a problem erodes the opulent veneer of this self proclaimed "5 Star Luxury Resort" the dark side of Westworld emerges to attempt a full throttle lip-service attack on your intelligence. I paid full price for my experience. I do not and cannot recommend this establishment.