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  • 4,5/5 Läge
  • 4,5/5 Sovkvalitet
  • 4,5/5 Rum
  • 4,5/5 Service
  • 4/5 Standard
  • 4,5/5 Renlighet

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Inlägg av herrNils Gotland, Sverige


Mycket bra hotell. Servicen är outstanding. Rent och grönt överallt. Lugnt på rummen o med utmärkta restauranger. Särskilt plus för vinlistan i a la carte restaurangen m utmärkta moderna kretensiska viner


Inlägg av Nourhen4

Excellent hotel with a friendly and excellent staff

This hotel is amazing!!! My friend and I are totally impressed. The hotel complex is beautiful, the food is delicious and the beach is perfect. We are enjoying ourselves to the deepest and recommend Ikaros Beach Resort & Spa for everybody who is looking for a relaxed vacation. Regarding the difficult COVID-19 circumstances the staff is doing a really great job. Every employee is wearing a mask and all of them are following the hygienic rules. They are providing all services to their guests which are allowed. We really feel safe and protected and we are grateful for this opportunity in Crete.


Inlägg av 774kungfu

Nice hotel, not so nice staff

To start off I need to mention that not *all* staff was bad, just some that managed to make us crazy. We had a booking for a deluxe room with sea view, we got to the hotel, were put in one of those golf cars and we were on our way to our room! All nice and fast, we get into the room, wash our hands, take ours masks off, only to realize we got a classic room instead of a deluxe room, more precisely, we got room 701, which by no means was ugly, it was simply not what we had booked, so we call reception and ask politely if our room, 701, is indeed a deluxe room. To this inquiry we got our first answer, which was that the room is a classic hence that's what we booked. They were trying to tell us that our booking for a deluxe room with sea view, was actually a booking for a classic room. To make my first point, most people wouldn't have asked, would've taken the decent classic room and went on with their vacation. Back to what I was saying, we offered to show them our reservation to ensure there was no missunderstanding, to which we got our second response, this time though, they told us that the classic room, 701, was actually a deluxe room. Eventually after a long 30-40 minutes wait we got a golf car and a driver and were taken to room 419, if I remember correclty, which was indeed a deluxe, but a deluxe with not sea view, after another 10 minute wait we headed towards the reception to talk to the receptionist that essentially tried to trick us, to, scam us I guess. After a long talk with the head of reception we finally, after a 1 hour wait, got to our room, which was an actual deluxe room with sea view. This alone is a big red flag, no hotel should try to trick their customers into taking a worse room than their reservation. Onto my next point, proper coronavirus hygene was NOT applied, the receptionist was NOT wearing her mask, instead, she had lowered it under her chin, and it wasn't one of those annoying protection factor 3 mask, no no no, it was a mouth and nose visor, wouldn't have bothered her any bit, yet she takes it off, next, waiters and cooks weren't wearing their masks, they just had the masks on their mouths, lowered, not covering their noses, after repeated notices they still didn't wear their masks properly. An exception to this would be a waitress at the "Ayeri" restataurant, after kindly telling her to wear her mask, she did. Besides this, the guy that offered towels did not even have a mask, let alone wear it! The hotel was also unprepared, everything was rushed, the first night we could only get dinner at the buffet and since we weren't all inclusive, was a bit stupid, they forced you to eat at a specific restaurant and pay an abnormous amount of money for a salad and a chicken fillet. On another note, we did discuss this with one of the managers and got our dinner for free, albeit after a long hustle. Oh and also, they didn't take our temperature when we arrived aaand also, the hand santizier machines, they are manual, you have to press a button... with your hand... which is greatly inferior to automatic hand sanitizer machines. On the better side of things, the pool is large, the beach is nice, in the "Ayeri" restaurant the food was good, although covid-19 prevention measures were not properly applied and last the resort actually looks decent, it's full of palms and beautiful vegetation. Overall I would rate it a 2.5/5 because of the lack of precaution, the reception's attempt at ripping us off and the poor management.


Inlägg av PamizTrips

Simply brilliant!

My husband I stayed there for a week and have been blown away by the resort and the quality of the staff. We are both hoteliers and know our way around properties and service. Prior to our arrival, I contacted the hotel several times to organize our holiday as we were celebrating a special occasion. Every single email was answered promptly and the consideration was much appreciated. Our room was perfect with a stunning ocean view as booked and in a quiet area as requested. Our celebration was made extra special and we enjoyed it thoroughly. We had several treatments at the spa and the therapists were extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. The property, despite being quite big, was spotless and the accommodations spread out in such a way that it never felt busy. It was very nice stay and we will certainly go back with our kids. They’ll surely have a ball! Thank you very much Ikaros for the great hospitality and very memorable time.


Inlägg av JON0102

Great Hotel to stay at.

We really enjoyed our stay here at the hotel.I agree with most of the points the last reviewer made. It is a Hotel we would consider visiting again.I would loved to have given 5 stars, but because of the following points i could not this time around. We only had a choice of 3 restaurant's, not 4,No water left in room on the Thursday or Friday, lost English tv channels on the Friday. Maria from the Aura Spa really made us feel welcome. What a lovely lady. Had a Cretan massage,which was nice, but as the last reviewer mentioned, i felt was a bit expensive. Maybe if the prices were dropped a little a few more people would visit it.The service was great in the bars as you get served at your table.I also had Pina Colada's, but it did not come with coconut or a cherry. Maybe on check out day at mid-day arrangements could be made for people to be able to use the facilities for a small extra charge, has we were not picked up until 20.30 in the evening.Please don't take this as a bad review, as i have not intended it to be, as we both had a wonderful time here, but i just wanted to give some feedback on the issues mentioned.