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Liveaboard ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Camp

Welcome to the fantastic Croatia for a week of Swimrun fun between May 26th – June 2nd, 2018. New for this year is that we will do a LIVEABOARD camp where we have an awesome ship as our hotel. This is the ultimate set up where we will follow the weather to discover new places throughout the islands of the coast of Croatia. Croatia is a Swimrun- and training paradise. Crystal clear water, undulating trails, small villages, lonely bays of salt water and wonderful smells of spring flowers and rosemary. This perfect Swimrun destination will provide us with both long, short and inspiring swimrun days at the same time as we can experience the peaceful, traditional life on the islands and on-board. All with wonderful people around us. This will be the best start to the season together with our experienced instructors. Warm water (20 degrees C), sun and varied sessions for both beginner- and experienced swimrunners

The purpose of the week is to primarily work from your own perspective and ambitions in a spectacular environment. For those who want to sharpen your racing skills this is the perfect end of the training season. The sessions will be a variation of teqnique and speed sessions with a focus on transitions and with some long, easy pace sessions. If anyone wants to we can make a test race along part of the ÖTILLÖ Hvar course.

For those of you who are new to the sport this will be the perfect introduction week to the sport, to the family atmosphere in a unique environment. To start with open- water swimming in warm, clear water makes a huge difference. A major focus on swimming techniques, the art of trail running and how to do smooth transitions between land and water.

Not to underestimate is the good food, a leisurely espresso in the sun in a town square and exploring a beautiful archipelago.

Focus on the individual – not the performance

At our training camps the experience is always central. Not performance. We give each participant space and possibility to to develop their own skills in order to perform at their best in their planned races, or for the individual to be able to find a new way to detect their surroundings and find new friends to do it with.

Our camps are based on individual development in trailrunning and open water swimming, and of course swimrun, which is the perfect combination of the two. What kind of tricks are good to know? What is the key to quick water transitions?

Price from: 13 000 SEK (€1400)

Date: may 26 – june 2 2018


  • Sharing cabin
  • wifi onboard
  • Fullboard incl water to meals
  • Afternoon tea
  • Training as in program
  • Dingy support on longer swims

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Limited space! Last day to book may 4, upon availability.

Who can participate?

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Camps are mixed camps (men and women), they suit the swimrunner who wants to develop and improve. The focus is Swimrun and the experience is important.


The week suits those who have done previous swimrun or triathlon. 

  • Intermediate: Has participated in swimruns or triathlons before.
  • High: Has participated in ÖTILLÖ or long distance triathlons before.

The programme

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Camps are divided into traditional morning and afternoon sessions. We focus on trail running, open water swimming and Swimrun. Towards the end of the week we will do longer days if the group wants to, where we extend the training hours and distances. A sprint race might pop up along the way.

Major focus is on training, not so much on instruction. Participants will get coaching from some of the best in the sport. Much revolves around equipment, tips and techniques to quickly get around in an incredibly beautiful environment.

Since our focus is swimming in open water, changes in the route is possible. We depend on current weather conditions and for safety reasons, the route can be changed.

Be prepared for an unforgettable week featuring anecdotes, nutrition, training, sleep and fun


Some of the best ÖTILLÖ athletes will guide and coach you during our training camps.
Our instructors are experienced and have done several Swimruns before.

Mikael Rosén – ÖTILLÖ Instructor – The rainman of swimming – there is nothing that Mikael Rosén does not know about swimming and swim coaching. His instagram account @humanambition is an encyclopedia of swim trivia.

Nicolas Remires – ÖTILLÖ Instructor – The Frenchman living in Stockholm who is very structured in his coaching business. Nico is also one of the best Swimrunners in the World.

Mats Andersson – ÖTILLÖ instructor – Original4 – i.e. one of the four persons who made the original bet of running and swimming through the Stockholm Archipelago. The bet which is the inspiration to ÖTILLÖ, the origin of the sport. Mats has participated in the most amount of ÖTILLÖ produced races of all. Mats is the culture of the sport, a wonderful, happy person with extremely good transition and trail- running techniques.        

Sarah Hansson – Sarah works as a personal trainer and running and swimrun coach in Spain. As a trainer, Sarah goes from a holistic viewpoint of training smarter (and not always more), and to take care of the body in the best possible way between demanding workout and optimization of the body's own system.


  • All participants bring their own equipment to ÖTILLÖ Training Camps.
  • A complete equipment list will be sent out well in advance before your trip
  • Restube, sunscreen and extra swim goggles will be available on board

About Liveaboard

Liveaboard is an established concept in the diving and surfing industry, in which participants live, eat and train on a boat, complete with all services. Our Liveaboard concept is based on a classic boat charter but adapted to Swimrun. The boat includes captain, cook and and service staff - added to that our inspiring ÖTILLÖ-Swimrun-instructors.


  • The route may change depending on weather conditions or local circumstances.


  • Accommodation in shared double cabin with toilet and shower.
  • Two options for shared accommodation are available: you can share with friend or partner, or travel alone but to share with another to avoid single cabin supplement.
  • Cabins will not be mixed unless you travel as couple.
  • The cabins have bed linens, pillow, one thick and one thin blanket. Towel for showering and bathing must be brought.
  • In the period April and early May sleeping bag should be brought if you want to sleep outside.  To sleep under the open sky is fantastic and should be experienced.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks is served on board. The meals are "homemade" and healthy Slow Food. While we do our training our chef prepares the next meal, cooked and prepared with love. 

Fruit, meat and fish dishes are served. If you have other specific requirements, you must notify latest 14 days beforedeparture.

The price includes full board on board until breakfast on day 8.

  • Breakfast - Local breakfast. Coffee and tea.
  • Lunch on board or packed lunch if we make longer trips. 
  • Afternoon tea - something sweet, coffee and tea. 
  • Dinner - meat or fish, fruit or dessert
  • Water during workouts and meals (3 liters per person) is included as one soft drink for lunch and one glass of wine or beer with dinner. Other drinks on board included (water, soft drinks, beer, wine available for purchase).


  • Maximum number of participants per boat is 30 people (Total 15 cabins per boat).
  • The boat includes captain, sailor, cook and professional licensed Turkish guide on occasions this is required.
  • The boats are selected and adapted to the weekly program as well as the ship's route.
  • Embarkation in Split. Overnight in port first night may occur
  • All necessary safety equipment available on board.
  • Local staff onboard, with extensive experience in Liveaboard concept.
  • All Ötillö staff are from Sweden, speak Swedish and English.
  • The instructor is responsible for training and the parts that are related to the Swimrun program.
  • For practical details regarding the boat refer to the captain and staff 

Price includes

  • All port fees.
  • Full board until breakfast on Day 8 and cabin on the boat.
  • 3 liters of water per day. 1 soft drink for lunch (soft drink or juice). 1 beverage (soda, beer or wine at dinner).
  • Shared double cabin incl. wc and shower
  • Bed linen
  • Swimrun Training Program 

Add ons

  • Additional drinks available for purchase on board.
  • Shore excursions and entrance fees to historical sites and museums.
  • Flights and transfers to Split
  • Tip - if you are satisfied with the service staff has given you during your Liveaboard.

Do's and don'ts

In order to make the Liveaboard simple and easy for everyone on board there´s a few basic rules that applies to all Liveaboards. Some may seem obvious but it is important that everyone adheres to these to avoid misunderstandings. As with any craft, it is the captain who has the ultimate responsibility. Not having to walk the plank we ask you to follow a few important rules.
  • In order to make the Liveaboard simple and easy for everyone on board there´s a few basic rules that applies to allLiveaboards. Some may seem obvious but it is important that everyone adheres to these to avoid misunderstandings.As with any craft, it is the captain who has the ultimate responsibility. Not having to walk the plank we ask you to follow a few important rules.
  • We allow all participants to take space.
  • The captain and the instructor's word is law.
  • We drink with respect for others.
  • We expose no guests to passive smoking
  • At 22:00 there is a lower volume and at midnight there is silence.
  • A list of liveaboard Dos and Dont´s will be assigned to all participants prior to departure.

To bring

A packing list will be sent to all participants before departure. Here´s some suggestions.
  • Pack light, preferably in soft bags when the space on the boat is limited.
  • Specific equipment such as swimming or running.
  • Training clothes for the whole week. Laundry facilities are not available or are limited.
  • Books to read. Board games.
  • Shoes are not allowed on board. Take slippers, warm socks, or light sailing shoes for occasions you do not choosebarefoot.
  • Need for any special medication during the trip, you should take it yourself. On board there is only a small selection for medical emergency.


  • Tour guide from Apollo is not on the boat.
  • Guests are requested to bring their own towels.
  • Cash payment in euros or kuna
  • Internet access is limited to those times we are in port, and where there's a cafe or restaurant that offers wifi to their customers. No internet connection is guaranteed.