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av CourtneyCoates

Lovely Hotel and Staff

My Nanna Carol & Grandad Baz has come to Dinos twice a year for 19 years, I was lucky to come once aswell it's a lovely hotel with staff that do more than enough to help everyone. My grandparents are hoping to come back September 2020 to see Dino, Vicki and Anna again.


av KerryC1487

Kerry c

We stayed for 14 days in this lovely hotel with staff who couldn't do enough for us we have stayed her twice a year for the last 19 years.we hope to see Dino's Vicki and Anna again in September 2020 love baz and carol xx


av Zebrutul

I don't recommend it, you'll pay too much for a very cheap experience

---CONCLUSION--- The general conclusion I got from my 7 days holiday at this hotel is that I really don't recommend it, not even to my enemies. Even if you get some last minute offer or is the last room available on the entire island you'd be better without it, believe me. I am pretty sure not all hoteliers on the island are the same so you can find some other hotel where the owners offer more respect to their clients, they won't treat you cheap and disrespect you as these owners of Dino's hotel do with their clients. I traveled a lot in different countries but never stayed in such a bad hotel with such cheap owners offering per total a very bad experience for their hotel guest. I wouldn't even rate it a 1-star hotel after my holiday there. ---DETAILS--- There are so many bad things at this hotel that I am not sure where to start. The owner (the man and the lady) are very cheap, they just smile at you knowing that they do a terrible business offering you the very cheap experience you can get for the 3 stars they say it has so they think that compensates for everything that you paid and they don't give you. When we arrived at the hotel the booking somehow didn't exist, they didn't know who we are since we weren't on a manual written list the owner had so we spend half an hour clarifying the situation until they gave us a room. ---ROOM--- If you want to have a good sleep there you won't be able, the bed is terrible after one night you'll have pains in your bones you never knew you can have. When we first sat on the bed it broke and some wood pieces just fell so we had to fix the bed ourselves before trying to relax. The noise in the room is unbearable, the hotel is near the main road so you won't be able to sleep, you'll be hearing all the cars, motorcycles and drunk people singing at 2 pm. Air conditioning? Doesn't exist, at least not free of charge as they promote it, the remote is at the front desk and you need to "buy it" so the nights were hot and we couldn't get a good well sleep at all in the 7 days we spent there. I would say per total the room is a 1-star room, very bad bed and mattress, old furniture, they don't even give you soap or any washing gel (you need to buy it from supermarket), the shower curtain doesn't exist so you'll always make a mess in the bathroom when you take a shower, the water pressure oscillate from 30 seconds to 30 seconds, it's either high or low so you can barely have a good shower. ---SERVICES--- We stayed at the hotel 7 days at what it should be an all-inclusive experience meanwhile we discovered that their services are very limited in time and in products they offer for what we bought. In the room, they didn't change our bed/towels in the first 4 days so I had to specifically ask the owner to send the cleaning lady to change them as they were dirty. So only had fresh towels starting the 5th day, imagine that. Their general idea is that if you don't ask for it then you don't need it and you are happy. I, who I was their client, am ashamed of their attitude towards tourists/clients, I felt like a cheap stupid client always asking for things and this is how they want you to feel so that you don't ask too many things from them so they can make some profit. When we left at 7:30 am in the morning, the lady owner was in the restaurant ordering stuff around and most probably drinking her morning coffee. She didn't even want to open the reception or restaurant for us to be able to give them the keys and check out from the hotel. We ask for a coffee and she told us she opens only from 8 am, not even if we wanted to pay. I never saw such behavior in my entire life and I traveled a lot to different countries. She just ignored us and we sat 45 minutes on a table on the terrace wondering of her bad attitude and ignorance. We had to leave the keys on the terrace table and she didn't open the reception for us. For the other that get the same problem I would suggest to just throw them in the pool, maybe that's how they think a checkout should be done. When we arrived they told us we can't have lunch as we will have breakfast when we leave, and when was out time to leave they ignored us since it wasn't 8 am yet and they only open at that hour, even if for a coffee there is an espresso machine and they don't have to do anything. When we had a group trip and we were skipping lunch we ask them to do us a sandwich so that we can have something to eat on the trip. It was the worst sandwich ever, can't even name it like that, we gave it to a dog and it didn't even want to eat it. It was a slice of low-quality ham and one of cheese between two slices of bread. ---FOOD AND DRINKS--- The food is generally greasy, recycled each day and served in well-defined intervals. The breakfast is starting from 8 am, nothing less or more and ends at 10 am. It is very limited in products and they are the same each 2-3 days. You can't have drinks at breakfast because the schedule for those is only starting from 10 am so you can only have drinks after breakfast is over. The beer seems not legit, it's like a mix of water and powder, more like a juice, no alcohol in it not sure what kind of beer they serve there. Cola, Sprite, Fanta, etc are just drinks at 2 liters bought from the supermarket and they will serve it in a 150ml plastic glass, so again you'll have to ask like 2-3 times per breakfast/lunch/dinner to have a normal glass of sodas. Once again their idea of begging for something works fine, after a few times asking for drinks you'll get bored and ashamed to keep on doing it so you'll just stick to the "juice" machine or drink water. Ice cream is only served between 4:30 and 5:30 pm, it is a cheap 3 flavored ice cream served in a small plastic cup, they don't serve full cups of ice cream so again you will have to beg for it 2-3 times to actually eat a normal portion of ice cream. At dinner, if something wasn't eaten at breakfast/lunch then it is recycled as new food, either as a dessert or as the main course. Generally, the food is very greasy, it repeats like every 2-3 days so you'll get sick of it and eat in town instead. They don't serve much sea fruits, fresh fish, or other sea-related food even if we are talking about a hotel on an island in Grece. You'll have to clean after yourself when you eat, even if I don't consider it a bad thing it worth mentioning since that indicates they don't have waiters, they only have 2 chefs from what I saw that cook the food. ---POSITION--- Even is they say it's a 5-minute walk to the beach, it's actually a 15min walk, so it's quite far from it. It's around 10-minute walk to the center of town where you can find everything. It's situated on the main road and that's very bad as all the traffic at night will be present in your room as background noise.


av Emanuel G

The best experience you could wish for!

The entire team is welcoming and they always have a smile on their face. Ana gave us tips on what beaches to visit to enhance our experience and make it as beautiful as possible. Natasha, the chef made the best food and she takes great pride an joy from seeing everyone enjoy her dishes which are not short of perfect. We truly look forward to come back in the future, we're sad to leave and we'll always remember their smiles which greeted us every morning and ensured we're starting our day on the right foot.


av Alexandru D

expensive for cheep experience

we staid here for 1 week. did not like the place one bit. the owner tries to be friendly but the quality of the room and food seems like a slap in the face for what we payed. it feels like they are only looking to make the most profit using the cheapest means. if you want any drinks or snacks you have to ask. the glasses are very small. snacks , sweets or food are only served at precise times. again it doesn't feel feels like you are begging for want you paid The food was terrible. most was cheap protein like chicken tights, chicken wings, clams meat( probably frozen), some sausages, Bolognese Sauce. all was cooked with too much grease, or not drained the bathroom did not have a shower curtain. the toilet seat was cracked. It spinched my behind a few times :)) the pool is small. location is far from the beach. even so its not always quiet. planes are constantly wising by. at night we could hear other guests slamming doors or talking. the bed is very hard and sleeping is a problem. at least for me. I could go on, but you get the picture