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av Smaske1 Storrington, Storbritannien

Quiet Location only 15 mins stroll from the town centre

We stayed at the Ariadne for 5 nights on a B & B basis and in a superior double room. The room was clean and functional with good wardrobe and luggage space (often missing nowadays). There was a balcony which had partial views of the seas and the mountains which was nice. Some of the rooms have quite some stairs as they are set into the hillside, ours (#143) was great in that it gave the view but was not far from reception, the pool and the restaurant. It was very quiet at night. There are two pools at the hotel, one where the entertainments team are based and this is all in French as almost all residents come from France. other reviews mentioned this was a bit loud and frenetic and it can be (the hotel management should consider turning the volume knob to the left a little) but there is also a lower pool which is more quiet and had beds available until around 10am, suited us better. There is on-site parking, appreciated as we had a hire car. The buffet for breakfast was fairly basic but enough choice to find options for most people. Masks and gloves were worn inside the restaurant collecting food, not seated. There is also a small beach in front of the hotel where you can swim, very few chairs there and we never established if these were paid or free. The water was clear enough to snorkel but note beach shoes are an advantage as its a pebble beach (ouch). About 10 minutes walk takes you to a larger sandy beach with more chairs and some watersports. We didn't eat in the hotel but there's a nice cafe bar 'Votsalo' by the beach with lovely views, a nice popular family run tavern 'Gargadoros' right at the entrance to the hotel and another next to this 'Meltemi' which has cheap draft beer (3.50) and a good menu, again very friendly. 10-15 minutes walk takes you to the marina area and then the lake in Agios where there are many restaurants highly rated on TA.


av Peter267248 Nottingham, Storbritannien


Returned to the Ariadne once more. Once again a great holiday. Nearly all the same friendly staff and really clean and well kept family hotel. Met returning friends from Europe again so a good reason why this hotel is so good or they would not return. Well located for restaurants, bars, shops and must be the best pool and beach area in Stalis. Plenty of space on the lawns and beach to not being on top of each other. Once again a good holiday enjoyed.


av Stuartw1 England, United Kingdom

Our Stay

Me and my girlfriend hadn’t been on holiday for quite a while and we asked for recommendations from family and friends before we looked around and booked Ariadne Beach. We saw the pictures of the pool area plus the beach being so close made us really like the initial feel we got for it and ended up booking a week stay. As there was no pictures of the rooms up to see we just thought it would be like normal hotel rooms we had stay in previously in the past else where as most are the same, bed, bathroom etc. On arrival we checked in and the woman on the desk was quite abrupt and mildly rude, she showed us to a room no where near the actual hotel, over the road from it infact (which isn’t really a problem) but it was dark, small and dingy also quite a way from everyone else, isolated. We asked to see more rooms and got shown similar until we asked to be in a normal kind of room within the main block itself which was quite a nice room with a nice view and balcony. Possibly our fault for not specifying the type of room we would want. She did not help us with our luggage or offer and carried on being abrupt and rude, almost arguing that we should of had the first room which we were not happy with. AC is extra along with the fridge which we was unaware of, maybe due to us not looking fully at information given to us. The rest of the staff were very nice and we got friendly with them. We wanted to order food on our first day from the outside bar as lunch wasn’t for a few hours in the hotel, we got looked at weirdly and told that they stopped serving food at 4 as if we should’ve known, when there are no signs up to say this. Also when we had dinner in the hotel, we got asked what drinks we want and we got a water and coke etc as you do, but as we walked off we didn’t think to pay as no one had told us they weren’t free, we just assumed as they offered, and one of the staff yet again spoke to us as if we should of known this rule - we were very apologetic and got made to feel like we were trying to not pay, which wasn’t the case because we didn’t know to and would happily pay if we knew. The food was ok but not great, we’re not fussy eaters but we struggled to find something we liked most morning and dinner times. We eat out a few times and that was 10/10 most places in the area. We were literally the only British couple when we arrived, some came later on in the week, but we felt the other visitors didn’t welcome us because of this and we felt isolated in that way, it was almost made a point out of when ever we spoke to people that we were British. Most people were older couples, as we are a younger couple in our 20’s we struggled. There’s not much night life within the area and Malia which had the closest night life was quite far away and expensive to get a taxi to if you wanted to do it a few times although you can hire bikes, scooters, cars which we could of done but we didn’t have any drivers licence with us. On our last day we were told to leave our room 5 minutes before our check out time, which we didn’t get told previously so we assumed we had the room until the pick up arrived, there was no attempt to let us know to check out at a certain time and when we argued this we were yet again spoke to by the same woman on reception very rudely and were treated unfairly. We have known to check out of rooms early which is a common thing to do in a hotel, but they would make it clear to be out at the time they wanted, not 5 minutes before. We got told to use the communal showers in the hotel as we needed to get showered and packed etc, then we got hassled by other staff, banging on the door to be out of the room whilst packing! Very poor experience, could be a lovely hotel! Love the area but it’s not for younger couple who want to go out and have drinks and dance, night clubs etc. If you want to chill by the pool, have a couple drinks and get a good nights sleep then this is your kind of holiday. Or just a quiet get away! Some of the bars may suit others, yet again it’s a personal preference. May even be good for a group of friends to go to. I wish we would of done some more research, we are partly to blame! Just filling who ever is reading this in on what to expect and what it’s like before booking and making the same error as us.


av Boogunner Kent


Was extremely looking forward to staying here as photos looked amazing. Was rudely greeted by staff that just explained add on prices for things such as use of fridge €3 per day , air con €7 per day, sun beds by pool €5 per day, hotel vat €11 etc. So paid the hotel vat and said we would consider the others once we viewed the room. Got taken to a room opposite the road to the actual hotel where there was only 3 rooms in a small shack like place. We said we were unhappy with this room as was dark and dingy and far away from the pool and hotel. Got taken to another complex to the side of the hotel which we were taken up a few flights of stairs in which we got offered no help in carrying out luggage and hand luggage as the lady rushed off to the next room and us trying to keep up with her. Again was far from the complex so I asked for a room within the main building so we could be near the pool and food etc. Then got taken to a room just off of reception which was the best they could offer and we had 2 single beds so had to push them together and rearrange the room for us being a couple. Also as we entered this room I watched the lady unplug the fridge. So we would have been paying €3 a day when we could just put the plug back in? I understand they will try and cover electrical costs but seeing this frustrated me. Also held the air con remote hostage until paying for that also in which we did in the end as the room was boiling hot as soon as we entered. The room wasn’t very clean, tidy beds but dust and hair on the floor as well as the sink not even being wiped down. At this point we thought this must get better and maybe we have just been unlucky... We went to the pool in which we arrived around 3:30/4pm and was hungry from an early morning flight. We asked the bar for our food order and they said they can do chips or left over pizza that was cooked that morning as they close for food at 4pm in which there was no signs or anything to say this. A lot of the timings etc for breakfast, lunch & dinner we had to scout round for to find out ourselves as nothing was explained. Our first dinner was ok not great but we was asked for our room number in which I told them it and then we ordered our drinks. We left when we had finished as thought it was just put on our room number and we would pay at the end of the day like a tab. One gentlemen came over and said he was trying to call for us and wave us down as we hadn’t paid. I explained that because he had asked for the room number we assumed that we didn’t pay right then. Pretty much then accused us of trying to get away with not paying. And made a comment about us being English which apparently has something to do with it. The food every morning and night was pretty much the same, extremely average with most of it being overly salty. We had paid for half board we went out to eat a few nights so that we could eat something that we actually ENJOYED and not just eating for the sake of not having to pay anymore. At 12 midday on the day we were leaving we got a knock on the door saying we need to be out now, in which was never informed or told at any point and nowhere on the booking either. Our transport wasn’t until 6:30pm. I asked the same lady on reception if we were able to have some time to get a shower and pack our bits quickly in which she said she needed the room. So I said we hadn’t packed anything yet as no one informed us, and she then allowed 30 minutes. Then a gentlemen at the reception said something to her (it was in a different language so we couldn’t understand) and then she said you can have until 1pm. I said that I wasn’t very happy that nothing was explained to us etc and that she told us and banged the door at 12. And she said uhhh sorry whilst not even looking at us and didn’t even show any remorse at all. So we have had to then sit in the lobby area for 6 hours, whilst being able to see that no one is using the room and also the cleaners haven’t entered the room either. The only good thing we experienced about this hotel is the man that works behind the bar serving drinks was always polite and a pleasure to talk to. Very hardworking and made us feel more comfortable. Overall we will never come to this hotel again and can’t believe we spent a lot of money here. Would not recommend and customer service is appalling and they don’t listen or care either when you have an issue.


av ZaneG102

Ariadne beach hotel

Very beautiful hotel, nice, friendly stuf. Good place, everything are close - shops, tavernas, sea, beach. Nice food.Thank you for the birthday surprise! It was awesome!!! Thank you for the best holidays!!! ❤🇬🇷